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The earliest of these files were originally made public via posting to rec.sport.pro-wrestling. Later files were also posted via a mailing list. Rick later posted his news to his own "News From Dayton" website, which later became part of WrestleManiacs. This page is merely an archive of information gathered from various sources; no ownership of these files should be implied.

If you have any "lost" files that could fill a hole in this archive, please consider emailing a copy to us and allowing the world to read them again!

nfd.950806 nfd.950813 nfd.950820 nfd.950827
nfd.950903 nfd.950910 nfd.950924
nfd.951001 nfd.951008 nfd.951015 nfd.951029
nfd.951112 nfd.951119 nfd.951126
nfd.951203 nfd.951210 nfd.951217 nfd.951224 nfd.951231
nfd.960107 nfd.960114 nfd.960121 nfd.960125 nfd.960128
nfd.960204 nfd.960211
nfd.960304 nfd.960309 nfd.960318 nfd.960325
nfd.960401 nfd.960402 nfd.960408 nfd.960415 nfd.960422 nfd.960429
nfd.960505 nfd.960512 nfd.960519 nfd.960526
nfd.960603 nfd.960610 nfd.960617 nfd.960624
nfd.960701 nfd.960708 nfd.960715 nfd.960722 nfd.960729 nfd.960731
nfd.960805 nfd.960812 nfd.960819 nfd.960826 nfd.960827
nfd.960902 nfd.960909 nfd.960916 nfd.960923 nfd.960930
nfd.961007 nfd.961014 nfd.961021 nfd.961028
nfd.961104 nfd.961111 nfd.961118 nfd.961125
nfd.961202 nfd.961209 nfd.961216 nfd.961230
nfd.970106 nfd.970113 nfd.970120 nfd.970127
nfd.970203 nfd.970210 nfd.970212 nfd.970217 nfd.970224
nfd.970303 nfd.970310 nfd.970317 nfd.970324 nfd.970331
nfd.970407 nfd.970414 nfd.970421 nfd.970428
nfd.970505 nfd.970512 nfd.970519 nfd.970526
nfd.970602 nfd.970609 nfd.970616 nfd.970623 nfd.970630
nfd.970707 nfd.970714 nfd.970721 nfd.970728
nfd.970804 nfd.970811 nfd.970818 nfd.970825
nfd.970901 nfd.970908 nfd.970915 nfd.970922 nfd.970929
nfd.971006 nfd.971013 nfd.971020 nfd.971027
nfd.971110 nfd.971117 nfd.971124
nfd.971201 nfd.971208 nfd.971215 nfd.971222 nfd.971229
nfd.980105 nfd.980112 nfd.980119 nfd.980126

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